Does Swift Transportation Hire Felons?

Swift Transportation Hire Felons

There is nothing predicable in the life and anything can happen. In some extreme situations, you might face some felony charges. Sometimes in high school when you are innocent and hardly aware of the rules and regulations, this can happen. But you should always remember the fact that it is a bit different when you have to search a job.

People with felonies will still be able to get jobs but there are some companies which have some parameters for felons. Some completely prohibit the hiring of felon and some may filter them according to intensity and frequency of the crime. But there is always a ray of hope for the felons. There are some trucking companies where you can apply for the jobs even after facing the felony charges.

Great profile of company

Swift Transportation Company is a well-recognized company of Arizona. More than 16000 thousand trucks are there and the company is managing them well. The company is providing remarkable transport services at present. The working mechanism of the company is very nice with the values of working with great safety and speed. The services are remarkable to delight the customers.

Training program

Swift transportation is also a company which is running truck driver training program. Certainly, you can gain the required skills and good starting by enrolling yourself in this program. For the driving jobs, you must also have a valid license to drive the truck. In addition to this, the training certificate is going to help you in your job interview. There is no doubt that trucking companies are liberal towards the felons and offer jobs after some regular checking. There are some companies which hardly go for the cross-checking of the documents and do not ask for the details of the felony charges.

Job with felony charges on your resume

In case you are looking forward to applying to this company with the felony charges. You must check the policies of the company appropriately. As per our information and research, there are some chances of getting a job in this company with the felony record. Many people with felony charges are selected in this company. But there is a common parameter on which they will check about your background.

They must be at least ten years older or more. So in case, you had committed a crime long ago than you can apply and work for this company. Well in some situations, it is quite possible that company may change the parameters based on the geographical situation and job profile.

In case, Swift doesn’t hire you, you can find some trucking companies that hire and train felons with less or no experience on this list.